We manufacture Kawneer Bi-folding doors for more information on our bi-fold doors please click here to download the Kawneer product manual: AA3720-Product-Manual-2nd-Edition-October-2017.pdf

£6185.00 + VAT. Including fitting. 

The following assumptions are made:

  • The door is no greater in size than 7000mm wide and 2100mm high
  • The opening for the door to be fitted in is ready to accept the new bi-fold door
  • Standard clear 28mm double glazed A rated glass units 
  • 150mm projecting cill 
  • 5000m2 trickle vent through frame head
  • ​Standard Colour: White, Black or Anthracite Grey

*Prices are for guide purposes, if you require a larger door set, bespoke colour or something that isn't covered above. Please send us an email or phone us so we can give you a personal quotation. 

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