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Panoramic Doors

Brighton Bi-folds is a registered supplier and installer of the Panoramic Door system. This is the only system on the market which looks like a bi-fold when it's shut, but operates in a revolutionary way to open. Each door leaf is independent from the other and can be opened one at a time. This means you don't have to compromise with placing furniture as you do with a conventional bi-fold door.

With exception of the master door leaf handle, there are no other unsightly hinges or handles on show when the door is closed, which gives a much sleeker appearance. Security is of the upmost importance. There are no beads as each door sash is constructed around the sealed glass unit, this makes the Panoramic Door very secure from any intruder. Available in a choice of aluminium powder coated finishes or timber clad finishes. Please contact us for more details. 

Please take a look at the videos below to see how the Panoramic Door system could open up your house to the outside.